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The Aldeburgh Carnival and Regatta

Three days of fun for all the family (Saturday to Monday of the weekend preceding the August Bank Holiday) which involves virtually the whole town with houses, shops, restaurants and pubs getting decorated around a common theme.

The Carnival starts on the Saturday and culminates in a Grand Firework Display on the Monday Night.

Over the course of the three days of Carnival there are opportunities for all age groups to participate, full details of what, where and when are published in the Carnival Programme which is available in the weeks leading up to the fun. Over the three days there is all sorts of entertainment including Live Music, Morris Dancing, Punch and Judy Show, a Fun Fair, Sideshows, Market Stalls….

Challenges include such things as Spot the Window, The Treasure Trail, The Lollipop Hunt, Boules, The Egg Boat Race, Swimming Races, Children's Land Sports, Mini Marathon, Tug of War…..

On the Sunday there is a Car Boot Sale, a Mini Marathon that takes a circular route to Thorpeness returning back to Aldeburgh along the Sea Front, Children’s Land Sports, the Egg Boat Race, Morris Dancing and more.

Monday is the day of the Carnival Procession and starts off with Swimming Races, Lifeboat Launch and more Children’s Land Sports. In the Afternoon there is the crowning of the Carnival Princess followed by the Carnival Procession led by a Military Band and in the evening there is the most amazing Chinese Lantern Procession with thousands of Revellers walking through the High Street and down to the Sea Front where there is a Grand Firework Display.

Aldeburgh Carnival and Regatta Official Website

Photos from the Aldeburgh Carnival and Regatta

We have some snaps taken at previous Carnivals which you can view here. We are happy to remove any pictures that you are not keen on or to email over the original full sized images (no charge!).

Please note: The Pubs are open all day so don’t expect professional quality images……

Aldeburgh Carnival 2012 Photos

Aldeburgh Carnival 2011 Photos

Aldeburgh Carnival 2010 Photos

Aldeburgh Carnival 2009 Photos

Aldeburgh Carnival 2008 Photos

Aldeburgh Carnival 2007 Photos

Aldeburgh Lifeboat Photos Carnival Day Manoeuvres

Sadly my parents who retired to Aldeburgh are no longer, the kids have grownup and I am no longer in the first flush of youth so it is unlikely that I will add further images of the Carnival to this site - Ed.

But, don't let that stop you from going and having fun and if you have some photos you would like to share please send them to us!

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